[H] 2/6 10s (10p-1a EST) LF all, prefer heals

Guild Recruitment
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Updated class needs in main post. Higher priority for deathknights, feral cat druids, and elemental shaman.
Put an app in on my DK. Hope to hear soon from someone.
@Questioneer: I know Ripp contacted you already, but feel free to get to know us more on our website or chat on our forums while waiting for transfer. :)


Most recent applications have been reviewed and responded to. I'll be back tonight (~10pm EST) and available to chat / answer questions. /wave
Keep missing someone, guild mates mentioned someone was looking for me earlier. :( Remember there's lots of ways to get in contact:

  • If anyone would like to skip straight ahead to the applications here is the direct link: http://themetalocalypse.wowstead.com/apply
  • /who The Metalocalypse but don't see officer names? Ask to be directed to someone who can help you. Often folks are on alts.
  • In-game mails or private messages (on our website) work too
  • Leave your Real ID / Battletag here (or via any of the methods suggested above) if that's more convenient for you

Later in the evening is when most of us will be around, since we raid at those times.
Still looking for talented players.
06/08/2012 01:56 AMPosted by Ripp
professor plums

Hell yes, baby, I'm all over the professor plums.

/Glex bump. Hollah!!
Just updated our groups' info. Team2 is currently 3/8H and working on more.
Team1: Off-tank spot has opened up due to RL issues. This is not for a temporary fill-in; the person being replaced can change roles upon return and the current fill-ins are alts of ours. Prefer non-warrior tank.

Team2: Currently open to all roles.
Off night tonight. Online for a while though and available to chat.

Recent applications have been responded to. :D
Team2: Still recruiting all roles.

Skilled, prepared players welcome to apply for Team1 to keep spots competitive.
Reasons you should apply

  • We are cool guys
  • We go to Dethklok concerts when we can
  • I play !@#$ like this over vent frequently:
  • im a geared dk if yu still got a slot open
    Heya, Røarshac. We're still recruiting skilled players for both teams. Here's a direct link if you'd like to skip ahead to the application: http://themetalocalypse.wowstead.com/recruitment

    I will also be online later tonight / tomorrow if you prefer to chat one-on-one. :) Looking forward to chatting with you!
    add me on real ID :Ridgegangsta305@hotmail.com ill be on right now :)
    As of 7/07, we don't have any active balance druids or elemental shamans raiding with us.

    We're still open to any specs though!
    Still looking, shadow priest or ret pally would be nice too.
    Need solid DPS. Spots available immediately for both teams.
    Our class needs have been updated.
    Still looking.

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