Hello Darkspear, new from EU Sunstrider



You must hear this song then: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxVNkTT3j3g&feature=related

And pliiz, be my friend ;)

Pvp rating to me is not important or even count of killed ppl. Usually now days I have been healer on bgs with my pala/priest/druid so helped that way group to win. Ofc I kill when I can in bg but I don't go and try to find world pvp, it finds me. If someone is attacking my chars and I have bigger char what can come and gank that attacker I come and gank then that person to that point that next time he/she just turns around when he/she see my char.

Nega please...
41 all ready... Bg after bg to get honor to get herloom shoulders:) Good thing that is WSG weekend and even I don't like it, I like to win it:) So I gona get herloom shoulders thes weekend to this char. Why herloom honor sholders? resi & I gona buy leather ones if I gona someday to do druid (it will be feral tank then). And when I get lvl70 I just buy then all pvp gears what I can to replace non herloom gear pieces.
Dude I am totally sir chilling all over this thread...PS: I'm the best warrior out there. I can fear more than others too!
Now I have get enaught honor to buy Exceptional Stormshroud Shoulders ( http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/44103 ). Why I did buy leather version is that I can use it to hunter, druid, mele shaman or rogue then if I do one. Mail version is only usefull to shaman or hunter. Next is to get new herloom gun or couple nice knives... :)

I run now days to find enaught mithril to get my engineering up so find it and you can find me :)
52... And never been ganked :) Nice server. EU Sunstrider I had experience of ganking someones lazy !@# when he/she tryes to gank me... Like one my old jokes:

Joke in start:
Q: Do you know what happend when lvl48 Horde hunter with Cat get ganked from no good lvl53 Ally?

A: Cat food...

19.10.2008: Ally try to get me. I gave him every chance to climb down of but he did attack me. So I hope that death can help him to get lost but not... Two times after he try to kill me when I was putting down lvl53 mob so I was sort of busy then and my health was not on best, so he killed me then. So last and 4th time when he attack me I put my cat to attack him and sit and lol... I'am very sorry about that but I don't want to attack (but I attack if needed) somebody in nature, only in bg :)
welcome to darkspear :]
where are you now and what time are you leveling
Where this level dudes goes? Somewhere where are enaught level mobs to kill and ores to do on my skill level. I do easy to you, just go south and you can find me when I play... But, what fun is in that if some lvl85 bad boy Horde comes and try to kill me, you have no sport on that because If I get killed by some lvl85 I just log out and go level my other chars :) Try be fair and get some lvl60 to kill me and I stay and keep company to his/her body then ;) I di hear that Exile can be good pvp but only Horde what I have seen on top of my body was some lvl68 warlock in STV who did curse me and I did die then...
Puuh, back in action... Almost 75 now. MOP did come and we did buy 5th account to pandas and so on. And then I did get bored to pandas (pandas here pandas there). Me and my wife have now 4 lvl90 + 31 lvl85 (or more level chars) + 6-7 lvl80. I did some multiboxing on some of our chars so I get them faster to lvl80 (with RAF). So I did some videos to youtube, open page my own, done some 'work' in my 'work' and get that firm running now like pretty good, adds and so on (check KlapiTuli, Heurex stuff). So I have had busy year now.
This thread is about 5x better if you read Tarskineater's posts with a Russian accent. The fact that he's not Russian is irrelevant.
You're so cute Tark, we should chat someday ツ
12/11/2012 01:15 AMPosted by Sleazyhoe
You're so cute Tark, we should chat someday ツ

Ou... I am taken all ready :) I and my wife did after our wedding give 'virtual alcohol' (about 1500g went bye bye) on Eu Sunstrider Dalaras middle bar to all who did want to party 01.10.2010 (or like americans put dates 10/01/2010, and that is just not any mind).

:) Seems that I was wrong about 'nice' non ganking server because seems that really players has no honor and attack smaller chars. Like today I did witness about 4 times when someone more than lvl80 comes and just kills me? Really good sport on they half. I did make macro so I can cheer they after if they are near... Really, I don't see them in wall where is lot's of Ally's to kill, I don't see them attacking Stormwind, no only they take little ones what they can take without any problems... So I salute Hordes BIG heroes who know how to do it... Or are they losers...
Hello again...

Near 85 now. It's good that my wife did give me early Christmas present: MOP to this account :) Something what gives me pleasure many months from this holiday. It's something what I gona use lots on next year so why buy anything useless. I did buy mount her in our wedding as gift and then one mount in every year as wedding day present. It's not about size on present than it comes from heart and is useful to other person (öh, like I have any money to buy any big gifts :).

It's good that I get to this server because it is pvp server. Now when I get near about lvl85 and beyond that I will get some fun in there when I see some Horde trying to get me on world. I am not so good that I can manage some 3x health + pvp geared enemy yet but I can manage :) Like last time in BG http://s619.beta.photobucket.com/user/Tarskineater/media/BG/WoWScrnShot_122212_203633_zps98cbd203.png.html?sort=3&o=0 hehe... But must say that I really have many hunters and my main in EU server is hunter what I have also run arenas and geared from lvl80 WG area pvp gear to 390 Cata gear pieces... Also I did run pvp gear to my wifes main hunter.

So, when I get this to lvl90 and start gear it I also run my priest, warrior and dk...

Did you just say you gave your wife a mount for a wedding present? And every year you give her a new mount on the anniversary?

Yes... I did give her mount, I did give her this year alchemy mount, collecting gold to that and so on... Also I have get her rare hunter pets, battle pets and so on... I really has no money to buy some diamond ring or put 100e to something what she don't use so often. She likes pets and mounts (collects them) so If I can get rare to her use and see her face when she realize what her post box has waiting or her hunter pet is changed some rare from Firelands... Some time it's just worth to try find someting or get her main char some achiement what she has not.
wow haha

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