[A - RP] Genome Project (25) - Gnomerific!

Moon Guard
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... I feel the love. <3

And Tadkins... I'd be wary of saying that if I were you. XD Wouldn't want other Goblins trying to jump you for that. :P
Bah, let them think what they want! I'm a free thinker.

Besides, know your enemy, right?
*drops hundreds of Big Daddy on Tadkins from the sky!* TRAITOR!!!!!!!
Oh dear, I better get out of here!

Gnomish Gravity Well awaaaay!
Bumping for gnomie goodness!
Welp, I've tried playing gnomes in the past. I don't think it ever really worked out.

My main is also a gnomish engineer, though. That's the closest I've ever gotten. =/

I might pop in and try to support a little regardless.
Sorry. My banana is broken.

For Gnomeregan! ... Bump.
I decided to level up my Gnome mage for this. :3

Long live the Gnomes! Lol.
Oh my god Gulbon leveled up from level 20! WHAT IS THIS

<- is also mortiron

What? I've been 85 for over a year now. o.o And I have only been level 20 on this character for less than a day. I spent most of my time in the 50-60 levels though. >.<
A great idea... I think you can pull it off. I hope the guild prospers and flourishes.
Bump from a Gnomish Engineer
As someone who has RPed on this server for a few years as a Gnome, I believe I care share your perspective. Perhaps soon you will be getting a letter!
You guys are great! :D Thanks for the support! <3

And awesome, Grumy. :)
Gnomes have to look out for one another. We travel in groups or packs, or as I like to dub them.... A "Cuddle" of Gnomes. Gnomie Homies to the end!
Might you accept taller Gnomes into your organization?
A Cuddle of Gnomes?... I love it. XD

And Malak... If you know the Secret Gnome Handshake, then yes.

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