Another Enhance Shaman PvP Thread

Well... this is rather interesting. I have been playing an enhancement shaman for a long time now. For 1v1, I have to disagree with the first reply... hunters, warriors, DK's... I beat them every time. The hunter does amazing damage but I just instant healing touch for full health, shoot out my spirit wolves which give me 150% healing per attack and then the bulwurk totem for maximum intake... With a combination of stormstrike, lava lash, flame strike + fire nova and maelstrom weapon = spam lightning bolt... I down them VERY fast!

D. MoP Future (How is shaman in general and Enhance looking for PvP come MoP?)

Not much different than now. We got some cool new abilities, some current abilities got nerfed, but there is nothing that will drastically alter how well we do in PvP.

Well, except Healing Storm.

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