Firelord/Rag Mount & Savior/Life-Binder

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Just xfered over from Alliance and am still gettting my toon's financial house in order but I am certainly interested in a Firehawk. Should have the cash within the next 12 hours and definitely will by the time the Raid lockouts reset on Tuesday.
Filled for the week, open next week, first come, first serve. Gold up front saves your "spot". pretty Flexible on days, work around your schedule.
Removed post.
Would you be willing to do a gold or mount trade? Ive got 40-50k gold saved on my hunter. I have Big Battle Bear unused along with Amani Dragonhawk unused.
get in touch with me in-game by mail or real id.
Ok, ill pst you. i think ive seen your name in chat.
in-game mail works too :P
Spots filled for this week, 8/28, Looking for buyers, next lockout. contact me in game.
If you are interested in buying a Heroic Ragnaros mount with Firelord title or Heroic Deathwing W/Mount, please see this link for more information:

We Currently don't have a rogue collecting clusters, if you're interested in buying, let me know in-game.

god damn troll. i sell my mount and achieves for 20k
i'm sure you do cupcake.
le bump
08/31/2012 10:15 PMPosted by Ashyarrows
le bump

you're an angel Ashy :)
have spot currenty for each run, we run two firelands.
2 firelands sales available the week of Tuesday the 4th. So contact one of us in game and tell me what you want, but make sure its what you really really want
09/01/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Cutiepi
you're an angel Ashy :)

no my dear wow player i am only a simple troll looking to spread da voodoo
running out of time before the droprate drops. come get this mount and u will have it on all your characters for the future of the universe. (feel free to inquire about the heroic madness mount as well)
if Rag's mount was in the brady bunch it would be Marsha... get in on this bizniss

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