SH used to be more PvP involved.

Shattered Hand
I just re-subbed after not playing since the early days of Cata. It's absolutely depressing to see the lack of PvP these days. If you're interested in forming a well rounded RBG team. I.M. me in-game. I lead my previous team to 1789 and we had so much potential. I'm online fairly often. The composition I'm interested in is as follows.

Protection Warrior (Tank/FC)
Discipline Priest (Healer)
Restoration Sham (Healer)
Holy Pally (Healer)
Myself (Melee)
Rogue (Melee)
Ret Pally/warrior (Melee)
Lock/Hunter (Ranged pet class)
Mage (Ranged)
SPriest/Feral Druid (DPS)

Send an in-game mail if interested

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