[H] Cantrips & Crows: Bi-Weekly Tavern Night

Wyrmrest Accord
In Dalaran tonight, yay!

Trapdoor Enterprise welcomes you to a night of drinking and merriment every other Tuesday Night at 5pm PST.

Located in the scenic Dalaran Sewers, Cantrips & Crows offers the convenience of being close to the floating Metropolis while being out of the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Need a drink? Feel free to bug Narisa, she's used to it. She'll get you whatever you need to wet your whistle. Afraid of getting in a fight in such an out of sight location? Have no worries, plenty of muscle will be on hand to diffuse any fights...unless we can take advantage of betting on it. Want to watch some girls wearing very little dance? We've even got that too! Even if you just come out to watch Alistaire and his amazing Penguin companion play the lute, you'll find good wine and good company.

Looking for a job? We're currently the market for some dancers, and barhands. If you'd like to dance, wait tables or maybe both, then send word to Sonnari of your interests.

Don't know how to get there? Most Mages are more than willing to open a portal to Dalaran for a tip. For a small fee, anyone can take the zeppelin from Orgrimmar to Warsong Hold and pay the flightmaster there for a ride to the floating city.

Have any other questions? Feel free to contact Kaydin, Casimir, Sonnari or Shaelyth! You can tune into our Bard's lute music at trapdoor.listen2myradio.com during the event. Keep an eye on this first posts for updates involving the event each week, you never know what's going to happen.

Trapdoor Enterprise is a RP Guild accepting of all Races and Classes. We are a business that specializes in imports, investments and odd jobs. You can find more info on our investments, services, contacts and how to apply on our guild website at trapdoor.shivtr.com
Nice, I love weekly social events with a radio stream!
Sounds like it could be fun.
Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated, it was a blast.

Next week we'll be back in Dalaran, which means even you crazy Alliance can show up to play.
This week we're in Dalaran folks!

Come and enjoy some of those delicious drinks, or if getting drunk isn't your idea of fun, we'll have music playing as well, both in instrumental and vocal forms!

Not to mention you can bring your date, or come and socialize with all these beautiful* people that work at Trapdoor Enterprises!

Remember folks, be there at 5:00 PM sharp, and you'll get a free t-shirt!*

*Advertisement may contain some falsities. We apologize if people are uglier than advertised, and if we "can't find" our box of free t-shirts.
This week we'll be in Orgrimmar! Alistaire the Bard will do his best to see about getting some drum music for the occasion, since the lute music might not be to Orgrimmar tastes.
Ooo! Sounds interesting, I might come on a horde alt!
Sadly this will be the last time we attend orgrimmar.

I have learned a few things from tonight.

1. Elves outdrink any other race
2. Apparently, even though Orgrimmar is covered in dirt in every crevasse, standing on a bar to give out free alcohol is the end of the world.
3. No matter how much you bend over backwards to try and provide a fun and entertaining event for the faction, if you're a Blood Elf, the stigma always applies that you're a bad roleplayer.

I came to this server and stayed for the positive and supportive community. I was told oocly when I voice that I was disappointed with how badly received we were after an hour of harassment in tells that was completely unprovoked, to keep it IC or I was going to be put on ignore. I was surprised by such a negative response, as Trapdoor Enterprise only exists to provide RP to the server through a number of events, and we are always open to interactions of varying premises, with extreme flexibility provided to make nearly anything work within reason.

We'll be keeping the tavern night Silvermoon and Dalaran exclusively for now on. It really sucks, because I adore Horde RP far more that Blood Elf RP, but we have to go where we're accepted by a positive community, looking for fun.

Apparently the positive and supporting community ends when you enter the Orgrimmar gates. I couldn't be more let down.
Feel free to friends list and pass me calander notifications and I'll do what I can to serve as a waitress... I have special drinks from literally all over Azeroth <.<
We're in Silvermoon tomorrow! Don't forget about us!
Cancelled this week due to conflicting member schedules. Sorry everyone!
We're in Dalaran tonight folks, though Ali the Bard and his lute playing Penguin are out sick tonight, so no music.
Shaelyth has to do PVP with Linathus soon. I hope that she's ready.

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