WTB H Rag kill/mount

Hi All,

With Mists of Pandaria quickly approaching, I want to acquire this mount before its drop rate gets reduced to rare like Invincible did from Wrath to Cata. I have asked around, scoured forums, tried openraid, and called in a couple favors from people and I still can't get a group to do it. If anyone knows they have a group that can easily down it, I am willing to pay what I have found is the average rate of 100k for this mount. I am a long time player/raider of Dalaran and don't worry, you won't be carrying me.

Anyone on this server or off (through real id) willing to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.

- Cyrb
We are currently selling the Mount/Title on Argent Dawn for 150k. (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4139129017). I am not sure if the current price is negotiable, but you can contact Zeeze for more details.
I'm still looking for a seller who can gather 9 raiders and down H Rag. 150k price okay by me.
Thanks for the response. You know, the separate server thing isn't a problem anymore with real-id, however I think the fact that you are horde and I'm alliance is. If only you were alliance, I'd take you up on that offer.

Any other sellers?

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