[H] Warlock looking for 2s,3s,5s and RBG


I'm currently looking for new arena partners and a RBG team for my lock.
I'm on nearly every night till late and i'm 1.7k exp on my Holy Pally with arena and 1.5k exp in RBG.

On my lock i'm currently 1548 rating. (2s)

I want to look for a serious team to focus on our rating and push it as high as we can.

If interested or got any question whisper me on my lock or my druid (Necromorph) or reply to this.

Thanks :)
Why are you bumping my warlocks post... I posted this months ago...
12/09/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Tanndrasona
whats bumping
i don't even...

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