<TI> selling H-Madness and H-Rag Mount 100k

Taint Invaders 10m Horde raiding team is selling the Heroic Madness of Deathwing "Lifebinder's Handmaiden" mount, title "Savior of Azeroth," and all heroic weapon(s) for 100k gold. Heroic Rag firehawk is also up for grabs for 100k as well!

-Reins of the Blazing Drake (normal mode rare drop mount)

We are now also selling a full heroic run. A full run will cost 150k with most gear and tokens available at no extra charge. The only things on reserved throughout the run are rare drop trinkets (Insignia of the Corrupted Mind, etc) and rare drop rings. This does NOT include the Heroic Madness of Deathwing mount and weapons, however, if you buy the full heroic run, I'll discount the mount to 50k so your total will come to 200k.

If you are interested, please contact Camros/Zarich in-game for more info. First come first served. We raid every Tuesday promptly at 6pm server time. However, this is for the final fight ONLY so you will most likely join us at 7pm. If you want any other bosses and loot, you will need to discuss that with me in-game. No minimum ilevel required. Vent is a must.

We run Firelands on Wednesdays at 6 server as well for Ragnaros.
Up you go!
Heroic Gurthalak is now available for selling.
I know this has nothing to do with buying a carry through heroic ds but would you ever be willing to give a Destro lesson? It would be interesting to see how you approach dpsing fights and handle target switching and movement.

Real id: djxenopath@gmail.com
More than happy to. Feel free to whisper me in-game. =)
Updated with a new price!
100k for a mount and possible weapons!
Bump for great justice!
wow 100k only ><


-No'Kaled, the Elements of Death

Orly? I thought those drop way too often
Ha, we've only seen one. Souldrinker and Blade of the Unmaker drops EVERY week. >.<
Added a small change about discounting the Madness mount to 75k with a full heroic run purchase.
Folin got his second No'Kaled last week!!!
No'Kaled is now available. We are free next week!

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