The Reason why I proclaim Gnomish Pride...

Merciless Midgets...

A now dead guild from one of my servers...but always a fun and lively group of people. Like tolling the bridge in Lakeshore and having a 60 orc Rogue gank the person if they failed to pay the toll...

/Raise Gnomish Fist.
/Y Gnome Pride...Death to all Talls.
Back in vanilla, on Dark Iron, we were raiding MC and the raid instance servers died. So all 40 of us made a level 1 gnome alt on some RP server (can't remember which one, might have been Earthen Ring) and proceeded to take over the boat in Menethil.

Unbeknownst to us, there was also some level 40ish, flagged horde terrorizing Astranaar. So all 40 of us zerged them down when we got there. It was an amazing sight to watch. Fourty gnomes under level 5 attacking one 40ish orc warlock.
If you really want a serious laugh, go to the MM web site and see what pranks they would do. I remember they would hold raffles in Trade with promises of fat returns of 1000+ gold. All you would have to do is to mail Healem some gold to be entered. Funny thing...a MM would aways win.

Back in the days before trade was logged with PVP advertisements.

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