i hear there is a good warrior tank named schysm you should pick him up !
Zero is my Hero
Come One Come All, Join The Fun.
bump for a great group of people
Looking for more

Main is Burnvolio @ 5/8 H, I will remain on that raid team with that character but I am looking to a H progression guild for my alt.

Willing to go Frost or Unholy.

Started playing WoW @ day 1. Took a break during most of BC and Wolk. Before taking a break I had an Undead High Warlord Rogue with t3 and a thunderfury, was somewhat of a legend @ the time haha.

If your interested please let me know.

Look us UP!
Abu Dhabi My !@#$%^S!
chronic has a vial doing ds for 3 weeks .... i havent even seen one drop ... ever ... this is why i dont play this game anymore!
CA sees alot of those. :)
bump come get vials and stuff.
looking for top end players wanting to roll this next tier on a two night schedule.
bamp, LFM very skilled DPS.
Brump, Looking for more excellent players
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no free bumps from LA makes me sad
Bump for you
thanks bro. Appreciate the bump since LA doesnt want to help out. ;)

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