Frost DK PvP Tips

Death Knight
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~Lichborne heal macro =

/cast [@player] Death Coil

~Pillar of Frost is your best offensive move... ...And your best healing move. Using pillar of frost (Try to get 2min trinket, weapon proc, and on hit trinket proc *humans only*) Going along with pillar of frost to increase your death coil heals on yourself by.. Ahaha. Just test 'er out ;).

~Plague strike has 1 use - Hit a rogue during cloak of shadows.

~Killing Machine Procs - Use Frost strike. Obliterate on clothies when under 35% health, aka in Merciless Combat zone.

~Death Grip is an interrupt for Paladin's Aura mastery or Priest's Inner Focus. Do eet.

~Never use Chains of Ice on a warrior. It procs Second Wind. Disregard this if your healer needs peels. Kinda a 1v1 scenario.

~Rotate howling blast/necrotic strike and frost strike when Killing Machine procs = Jist of Frost DK PvP.

~Save Blood tap for strangulate. Rare is a case when you use it otherwise. Maybe a finisher, maybe a root with chains during lichborne heal.

~Stance Dancing to Blood Presence. Meditate on this.

~Placing Dark Sim on a strangulated opponent is a good choice.

~Yew can steal a feral druids instant cyclone. Watch for the buff.

~Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Rune Strike. Meditate on this.

<3 all you Frost DKs.
Always love seeing posts by Andry~ I fail at not using chains on warriors though... I chains everything. Pretty much do everything else though.
Whee <3
06/12/2012 10:12 AMPosted by Andry
Never use Chains of Ice on a warrior. It procs Second Wind.
Man I'm dumb. Even after playing a Warrior for years I forgot about that.

Didn't really think about using pillar of frost/trinket when healing myself. Thanks for the tip!
Go into every single fight with this in mind - kill or be killed. Pillar of frost is on a 1 min CD, use it! >:D
06/12/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Riizil
Go into every single fight with this in mind - kill or be killed. Pillar of frost is on a 1 min CD, use it! >:D

I am constantly telling my arena partners: "There is no benefit to dying with a cooldown unused."
Question: 2H pvp frost uses Unholy Presence right? Even if you dumped remaining points into Improved Frost Presence?

Actually, nevermind. As it's obvious that Andry doesn't use frost presence. Choosing instead to put 3/3 in obliterate damage for clothies.
Andry!!! do you make pvp vids on YouTube? Id love to check them out :D
06/13/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Bulbosaur
Can you explain healing with pillar of frost? Kind of confused on that one.

Yea I was wondering the same thing.. Btw I remeber your name from a movie I just cant think what movie! I'm thinking spaticus but I could be wrong.
I wish I was savvy with computers/fraps/making movies >.>. I've always wanted to make one.

Basically for the pillar of frost heal -

1. Use Lichborne, makes you undead, you can death coil yourself using that macro at the top.

2. Death coil heals are based off your strength, pillar of frost gives you 20% str.

3. Use your 2min trinket with pillar, and hopefully during your Fallen Crusader weapon proc for maximum results.

4. Pretty much the more str you have, the more your death coils will heal you for. :)
06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
1) Why should I use Frost Strike for Killing Machine, and obliterate on clothies? I usually use whichever one is up, but I always preferred Obliterate. I assumed it does more damage.

Frost DKs reforge completely to mastery, which makes Frost Strike your hardest hitting move in general. Check out my reforge for that. Obliterate is only to be used when Merciless Combat is in effect, and then only on clothies.

This is due to necrotic strike/howling blast costs the same runes, and put out more damage than a single obliterate. Obliterate is only good for it's burst damage ( Faster to use than howling blast/necro strike )

06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
2) Why should I stance dance into blood presence? I could see this giving me more survivability, but with the GCD I waste and then lose all my RP wouldn't I be better off just staying in Frost or Unholy presence?

You are correct for the most part, staying in Unholy. Certain situations for stance dancing are: 3v3 arenas when healer is CCed, you have a healer in BGs, trying to escape in world pvp/BGs with DoTs on you. It's probably the smallest and most frusterating thing to do, but I guarantee it pulls through in some scenarios.

06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
3) Why rune strike? I don't even have it on an action bar, what should I be using it for?

Rune Strike always hits and has a chance to proc Runic Empowerment for the lowest runic power move for DKs. It allows you to demolish rogues/ferals, and keep killing machine procs for a smooth Frost Strike. (After evasion is an example.)

06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
4) Why Dark Sim on a strangulated opponent? every time I do that it's an accident and I think "Oh crap, now I'm going to steal the spell he can't cast anyway!" And I feel like I wasted it.

I should've clarified a bit. Mages/Paladins this is great to do especially when you're pressuring them, can force an easy bubble or iceblock. Otherwise it's a toss up, but I've found dark sim to be very effective with strangulate, as many will panic or blow CDs afterward.
06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
5) Am I generally better off using Necro Strike instead of Oblit? I use Necro when there's a healer around, but other than that I just Obliterate. Seems like it does massive damage.

Almost every class has some kind of healing. Obliterate can leave you rune starved during an important time. Aye I would highly recommend rotating howling blast/Necro strike instead of Oblit. Obliterate is only useful on clothies when under 35%, as Frost Strike will be your go to move, with full mastery reforge.

06/13/2012 09:27 AMPosted by Castiel
6) 2H vs. DW and which stance? Lately on my human I've been DW and it actually seems to work nicely, but I haven't really done enough to compare it to 2h.

2h is best for Frost PvP because:

1. Might of the Frozen Wastes = Runic Power = Runic Power fuels DK pvp.
2. Lose 3 talent points getting Nerves of Cold Steel.
3. Necrotic Strike is based off of your main hand. Two handed weapons will have a far greater necrotic strike debuff than DW.

Unholy Presence always for Frost PvP.

<3 yew all
Thank you for all the frost dk infos :)

Andry I looked at your 3v3s comp, and mine is exactly the same, except I just hit 1800s yesterday. We are getting stuck on the rogue/holy paly/___ comp. We use to just open on the holy paly, when he bubbles/mass dispel, end of story. Won most of it until 1870s, and then holy paly just starts running around with the cds, and our priest gets cced at the right moment and the holy paly gets full healed.

So how do you face a holy paly, 2 dps comp?
That rune strike tip is unbelievably awesome. It's worked so many wonders with rogues, thanks for the tip!
We are Samurai.
I've been sharing my gear between frost and unholy, because I'd been told to go DW frost and stack haste for faster melee attacks.

Now I've seen the light. Time to buy a new set of gear.
06/13/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Andry
3. Necrotic Strike is based off of your main hand. Two handed weapons will have a far greater necrotic strike debuff than DW.

This... invalidates... your whole post.

I can't believe there are DKs out there that still believe this stuipidity. Go read the tooltip and stop making people more stupid.

This angers me beyond belief. But seriously. I am so angry that I don't even want to tell you how wrong you are.


Technically, DW could (AND I AM EMPHASIZING THIS HERE --COULD--) have bigger necros if... you find yourself gemming for hit (which doesn't happen any more, might have at the beginning of the xpac) as a 2h. In that case, those gems would most likely be turned into strength gems. More strength is more AP, which means bigger necro debuffs.

So, if DW or 2h has an advantage in the necro debuff, it will be DW.


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