[A] Stormsong - Recruiting and 25 man runs

Hi All,

Stormsong is 8/16 currently. We at Stormsong an oceanic guild who pride on having fun while raiding while also progressing through content.

We are currently recruiting for HM's and MoP. We are hoping to have numbers for two groups for 10 man raids or a single 25 man raid.

Currently we are raiding Wednesdays and Mondays 3:30am st - 6am st. This will change with daylight savings.

Please contact myself or a member of the guild for any questions you have.
Update: Recruiting healers and dps for a couple of 25 man DS runs in the next few weeks.

Classes listed below:

Shadow Priest and holy/disc priest
DK dps

Please chat or mail in game for more information.
Recruiting all players of all experience types to form a second corer group for ten man raiding.

Please contact anyone in guild for more information.

Currently 10man 6/6MV 2/6HOF, looking for dedicated raiders for core group, currently raiding 4 nights a week, MV weds-thurs, HOF sun-mon, raids start at 830pm AEST or 130 ST, pst in game to myself, Harbringerau or cptdan.
Bump looking for raiders for out 25 man throne of thunder run.

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