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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Immediate recruitment needs - Holy/Disc Priest, Resto Shaman, Rogue.
Really need a decent level headed healer, we had run with 9 last night, we still cleared 8/8HM but it took a bit longer.

We are a laid back guild that calmly and efficiently pushes through progression content.
Our loot rules are fair and our times are reasonable.

So what does it take to find a healer to take into MoP?
Found a Rogue and Priest, just need a Resto Shaman or a Resto Druid to round out our MoP recruitment.
Hi Guys,

Skilled healer right here, can play Discipline & Holy. I went Shadow PvP for Cata however am keen to return to raiding with MoP.

I have extensive raiding experience across Vanilla, BC & WotLK, and was involved with a Progressive Raiding Guild for WotLK.

Let me know if you are still keen to find a Healing Priest to take into MoP and I will server xfer before the expansion becomes playable and rejig my schedule to ensure 100% attendance.


Looking for quality experienced Hunter and Rogue for core team for MoP.

If you'd like further information, visit www.traitorousdogs.com and/or add Nathanos#1740 battletag for a chat.
New recruitment due to a couple players disappearing off the face of the earth.

Actively searching for quality:

* Healer - Druid (with Boomkin offspec)
* DPS - Hunter

Add Nathanos#1740 for a chat, or message Brahmann, Miria, or Angelist on Thaurissan.
How about a 475 pally? I'm from Perth
We already have a solid Paladin and don't want to double up.

Really in search for a quality Druid.
2nd page threads go no where.
Boot up ya ...
Bump - need a Resto/Ele Shaman or Resto/Boomkin Druid for core raid team.
Recruiting a Resto Shaman with Elemental Offspec for core raid team.

See top post for further information and contact details.
Still searching for a quality Resto Shaman for core team.

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