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House Ouestrelin, ruled by the Ouestrelin family, is one of the most ancient noble houses in Arathor, dating back hundreds of years. House Ouestrelin has always been loyal to Stromgarde, and the Trollbane dynasty, consistently serving the kingdom faithfully over the years. The majority of the Ouestrelin bannermen fought alongside the Stromgarde's forces throughout the Second and Third Wars. Despite Stromgarde's ultimate decline during the Third War, House Ouestrelin continued to serve and provide for the kingdom.

The Ouestrelin family has been devoted to the cause of retaking Arathor and Lordaeron for the Alliance, and has contributed much militarily and politically to the cause. Because of stagnant situation in Arathor, House Ouestrelin has begun providing resources and bannermen to many of the Alliance's wars across Azeroth, focusing most of their efforts to the north in the Plaguelands, and recently Gilneas. Although House Ouestrelin is most focused on Lordaeron and Arathor, they have provided soldiers to the campaigns in Northrend as well other Alliance military campaigns.

The Ouestrelin seal can easily be recognized as a golden, fearless lion, upon a background of red--Stromgarde's color. The noble House Ouestrelin is always looking for new bannermen, cooks, political advisors, scholars, farmers, seamen, scribes, alchemists, miners, tailors, etc. to work for the family. Not only do the jobs pay well, they are not limited to Humans or Arathians. All one needs to do is send a letter to Lord Seifried Ouestrelin ((Submit an application!)).

((We are a heavy role-play noble household guild. We have many different ranks with very different and fun ways of playing. For example, you could join the guild if you want to role-play as a farmer. You could also join if you wanted to play a soldier, scholar, advisor, and more! And the neat thing is all the ranks and "professions" within the guild will interact and work together. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to play with other role-play guilds.

Another cool feature about this guild is that there is a ranking system for knights. If you'd like, you could join as a squire and progress your way up. The same goes for other "professions," like a farmer could eventually progress to own their own farm, essentially becoming a merchant.

There are many ideas I have for the guild, and I am open to even more suggestions from potential applicants. I honestly believe this guild, despite being a RP one, could succeed. It will just take a lot of effort on behalf of the members!

Players can go to to apply!))
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How do you pronounce Ouestrelin?



A very interesting concept. I know quite a few people who role-play as Stromgardian / Arathorian. I'd love to chat with you in-game about the guild and ideas for it.

Bump of support!
I will be on later, Maxen. Thanks for the support! I was also thinking of using GHI to create a currency system amongst the guild. It would give incentive for players to want to role-play other "professions" in the guild like farming, etc.
Bumpity bump bump!
To the top with you.
Not Arathian if the green doesn't give away. But Binor is a friend so I'm watching you guys. :)
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06/06/2012 11:08 PMPosted by Domnai
Not Arathian if the green doesn't give away. But Binor is a friend so I'm watching you guys. :)

Seifried, I order you to go get the Scarlet/Gold plate from AQ, to replace your boots/gloves/shoulders. You will look badass with that tabard.

No, you cannot refuse.
House Austerlitz approves.
Arathorian Coalition approves of new Arathi friends. May your recruits be amazing and I wish you all the best.
Whoo, Arathor YEAH!
Kerdic, can you link those armor pieces to me?

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