Proven Legacy Late Night Raiding LF tnk/rdps

Going to keep this short and sweet. Do you like drinking on your Friday/Saturday (9pm to 1am pst) nights with a group of guys that enjoy raiding and having a good time? Check us out then. Proven Legacy is 6/8H third plate.

We are looking for primarily a Pally/Warrior tank, but will look at Bear Tanks as well. Dk's are a no go, since come MoP two dk tanks will not work out very well.

As for the Rdps, we are only looking for spriest/ele shammy. The only other thing I could think of is a survival hunter, even then that's iffy.

I do lead, with my lock, and I am 8/8h on my blood dk tank. I have a very laid back style with a semi hardcore attitude towards raiding an progression. There are easier ways to get your point across to somebody than having to yell at them.

I expect you to have a good personality/sense of humor, or else you won't fit in with the group.

You must be able to take criticism and use it to get better

You must voice your opinion if you think something else will work better, nothing hurts to try right?

We do use mumble so that is also required.

Real ID

P.S. Spots are available immediately
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