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This is a guild recruitment from "Cozmics Playground" on Wyrmrest Accord!

We are a friendly/social/pve/raiding/ etc guild.

Our main goal has been from the start is to make sure everyone feels included, of course being a big guild some may wonder if they will be "just a number", not in this guild. I appreciate my members and they know it, and I always want to make sure they are included. We raid yes, but we raid in a way where we don't jump down each other's throats. We don't yell and scream. That just isn't us. Do we sound too good to be true? Probably. But what I give you is the facts, and how a happy guild can be with out all the yelling and screaming in guild chats.

We have three simple rules. Our top rule: no trolling. This means trade, general, yell, guild, anywhere. We do this so that the guild has a nice reputation on the server, and there are too many trolls out there that make the game not fun as it is. Our second rule is: no drama. Drama destroys guilds, if you have a problem with someone take it to an officer, do not just flip out in guild chat and swear etc at them. Our third rule is: be nice. You would think that would be an easy rule, but sometimes people seem to not understand the "be nice" rule. We don't like having tons of rules, but we have the basic common sense ones.

We allow casual players to join the guild, you don't have to sign on everyday, but you have to sign in at least once a month, (being a big guild means, I have to clean up the roster every now and then). Any levels can join the guild, but like I said, please be on at least once a month.

I open the guild calendar up to anyone in the guild except the rank when you first join. I give the members a chance to put what they want on calendar, as long as they show up to run them. Officers and myself make events as well, but we like giving the members a chance to do their own stuff too.

Now on to the fun stuff. I give out high repairs, we are a level 25 guild. Have almost 400 members, so there's always people on at any given time. I allow access to the guild bank, we have 8 tabs. We have voice chat, a guild facebook group, contests daily, etc.

If you have any questions or want to join, please talk to either: "Cozmicmyst", "Quinnette" (Coz's Alt), or "Unra" my officer.
As one of the many who have joined in the recent days let me tell you that I was impressed with the professionalism and maturity of my fellow guild members. I'm very happy where I'm at even if I can't make anymore arrow in the knee jokes. Don't let the sheer size of the guild dissuade you because that means you'll rarely be without someone to talk to or hang around and go hard on some randoms with.

This game is what YOU make of it and I think you'll be setting yourself up for success if you choose us. At least drop by to try our famed ice cream can't go wrong there.
I have been a member of this guild for many months now and I absolutely love it there. I am not a hard core player but am always accepted anyway! I have received a tremendous amount of help from guildies in leveling my toon and making her really fun to play! Cozmicmyst's post is all true. It is a great guild with great perks. Once you are in, you become a "regular" quite quickly and are accepted by all.

I would have to say that the best part about the guild is the relationships that are formed and the helpfulness of guildies. You can ask any question without feeling stupid. We have some great people. I hope you will become one of them :)

Oh, and Coz gives PRIZES :D
I been a member to this guild for close to a year (I play Russian roulette on my various toons), but this community of people are very relaxing and enjoyable to go onto events with them, or hang-out in mumble. There is always something going on, and everyone is respectful of your play-style preference. And Cozzie does random contests in guild chat, by spinning the wheel. You can win some gold or a really nice prize like a pet. :D
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Grow up.
This is a great, casual, friendly guild. Good folks, very helpful, very welcoming to new members. I dig em!
I usually stay away from guilds. I've had my share of bad ones and I've left them of course. This guild, however, is a guild I'm glad I joined because the people in it are kind-hearted and mature. When I joined, I was suprised with gifts which made me feel valued. I was invited to take part in any event that had been planned. The only reason I couldn't for certain events was because the game refrained me from doing so. I'm proud to announce that I am a member of this guild and have made friends with the people in it.
What a fascinatingly split opinion.
I can only say good things about Cozzy's playground, I love it and would suggest it to anyone looking for a friendly guild. Been a member since I came to the server about half a year ago and have always felt welcome.

Edit: Can't spell
09/27/2012 03:30 AMPosted by Kamazhi
What a fascinatingly split opinion.

My thoughts exactly...between what I have seen, and the stories of others, and then the actions of the guild itself publicly...it really casts a pale look into it all...not to mention apart from...what is it, one, sorry, two people posting the high quality of this guild, are either now guildless, or changed guilds.

TLDR: Looks a bit shady in there, scooby doo.
Call me old fashioned, but I dont think its cool to hop into a guild's recruitment thread and bad mouth them.

A guild earns their reputation on the realm (for good or ill) over time and that reputation spreads through our little community via word of mouth pretty quickly. And one post on the forums more or less will not significantly alter those perceptions.

So show a little class, and let them do their thing in their own thread huh?

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Not going to make an entire debate happen here in a Guild Recruitment thread, because the previous posts actually pertained to the Guild in question, and would be on subject. A debate, derailing the thread, would not.

So, to a new thread we go.
For what it's worth, I recently stumbled into a conversation with Unra, someone who I'd heard only good things about. She was nice, kind, intelligent and well-spoken, in short (no pun intended), exactly the kind of representative that gives a guild a good name. I can only imagine a guild with officers like that is a good guild to be in. Just thought I'd throw that out there, fwiw.

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