3 day Guild LFM for MOP

399 combat rogue LF heroic content raiding 4/8H kills
Rogues are one of the few classes we're full on right now, balance/resto druids being the other.
6/8HM Exp. H/S Priest and Prot/ret pally. LF DS raid group.
Find me on-line
How do you app for your guild? 400 frost dk looking to raid a bit more than I currently am.
Visit fm.guildzilla.com and hit the apply link on the home page.

Recruiting the following:

DPS with a tanking OS
DPS with a healing OS
Strong reliable DPS who are accountable for their class and are knowledgeable about the fights at hand.

We finished 15th in the Realm for DS. We are aiming for Top 5 in MoP.
Updated original post
Will be on tonight if you are interested, drop us a line.
Original updated, 2nd raid group should be 8/8H after tonight.
Still recruiting 1-2 DPS, hybrid classes are desired but not necessary.
Still recruiting, will look at all applicants.
Bump, still need 1-2 DPS
Always looking.
Open to any exceptional app. All will be considered.
All roster positions are up for grabs. Looking to build the best possible team for MoP progression.

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