Looking for Exceptional R DPS for Mop and DS.

Guild Recruitment
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Man all this free bumping is amazing!
Oh man your ignorance is pathetic, mister I down one boss per 5% nerf that goes out. maybe when 35% nerf goes out you might be able to be called an 8/8H guild but typical game over always killing bosses after they have been nerfed to the point of uselessness
^ everything that is true in one response.
Sigh qrk
All this idiotic chattering is tiring me I need to sleep.
Bump to a guild that has proof of their success!
Dang this post gets bumped down fast!
I hope no one gets scared from the post from Nudist,if you do happen to transfer here I would highly suggest adding him to ignore the minute you step foot here.As you can all see based on the proof I have given everyone here I am not bull crapping any of my claims.I will provide wow progress,worldoflogs,wow-heroes pages upon request.
Add me on real ID at bethsbooks@charter.net
Why can't I respond to my own forum post sometimes?
Howdy everyone.
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Knock Knock Who's there ! Checkmate ! Checkmate who ? Checkmate bounce if you don't have money in the bank ! DUN DUN TSH
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