Server population and status?

A friend of mine has recently started playing and picked Dalaran as his server. I am wondering which side is on top as far as population and content, as well as auction house, so I can decide which side to play.
I feel bad that you came to the conclusion that THIS was going to be your server, or your friend's server.

However, both Alliance and Horde are pretty much in the dump as far as raiding guilds go. Especially 25m.

Auction House is !@#$ed on both sides, not that it matters with MoP not far from now.

Population has been ever decreasing for a good year now, but I assume that it will rise again with MoP. Perhaps not by much, though, considering the overall lackluster of the new expansion.

In conclusion, this is a social server. Do not come here to get into a decent raiding guild, as there are none, and do not come here if you plan on getting rich on the Auction House.
06/11/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Smoshreptar
Do not come here to get into a decent raiding guild, as there are none, and do not come here if you plan on getting rich on the Auction House.

Sez a guy in a 8/8H guild who brags in trade about having 400k+ gold.
Dalaran rules, and the horde own's.... anyone with a negative belief on this a peon, who works for garrosh...hammering nails in damaged building.
hi SMOSH!!! i just wanted to say thanks again for saving my life from that alliance deathknight all those years ago... you were on annok the love fool and you came outta no was my fondest memory of wow =O oh sooo hilarious...
Love you too, Vapid. =]

Yes, Attacked, BD downed Heroic Madness last(?) week. I haven't raided in a couple months though, I got burnt out on 5/8H.
I like this server, mostly because I've made it my home since mid '05. Albeit on different characters, I've been playing on this server on and off ever since I started playing this game. Sometimes I'll stray to another server to see what it's like, but this is what I'm used to.

If you want to come to Dalaran, that's completely up to you. You have to find the home server that fits your needs, or at the very least that looks comfortable enough. I came here because family play here. I stayed because -- for the most part -- I like the community here. That could be true of any server, though. I just got lucky I picked this one, I guess. :)

Well, there isn't much else I could say that's very helpful... I can't really come up with any advice. <shrugs> Just find what suits you.
I have been on Dalaran from the start of my WoW gaming experience. This is where I call home. I have made many great friends here and I love my guild. XD Besides a few trolls, which im sure there are many on every server, its a really good server to be on. :)
Who needs more raiders when they can just goggle at me all day
Dalaran doesn't need a larger population, and it will never have decent raiders.
It's simply the truth.
i transferred to Dalaran since i have RL friends who play here and i like it here, Horde side raiding has gotten better as time went on, and the social atmosphere is decent

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