★ [H] <Warpath> 25M 3/14H SoO - LFM DPS!! ★

Guild Recruitment
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Ohay. Still looking for a legit RESTO DRUID.

<Warpath> is STILL going strong, but we want to complete our roster! Where you at druimz?

I'm especially interested in serious reroll Monks for CORE spots!

Also casually seeking a relevant Druid tank and maybe a DPS shaman (ele or enh).

Also, make that casually seeking a resto druid and NO dps shaman.

Daaang. Still looking for a RESTO druid and MONKS of all specs for MOP! Come on guys, just a few more weeks left until we're back on the grind - DEATHWING MOUNTS AVAILABLE TO NEW RAIDERS!

....also, Heroic Dragon Soul gear runs, Deathwing Mount and Weapons/Trinkets available for purchase! :)
is this still active?
For the love of God, I need a tank and DPS who don't stand in giant purple circles or wind bombs!

Efficient use of forums capacity, Pie. Blizzard should credit like $0.01 to your account for not making a new thread IMO.
I couldn't agree more, Gurv! :)
WTB tanks :(
HEY HEY YOU'RE A MONKEY - people say you monkey around
Hey, I heard you were a wild one... oooohhhh!
If I took you home, it'd be a home run - show me how you do.
I wanna shut down the club with you...

I sometimes read excerpts from "The Notebook" and "Twilight" during raid to keep everyone on their toes. While I'm sure this will bring every female under the age of 14 to my guild, I can assure you my dramatic readings are a treat! :)
More Twain/Tolstoy/Hemingway type quotes because I think that's more the demographic to shoot for. Also 5/6 HoF now.
Up with ya.
I would love to see us pick up a really good WARLOCK, BOOMKIN, or SHADOW PRIEST!
6/6 HoF now! Hooray.
2/4 ToES - wtb some awesome ranged DPS!
4/4 TOES! ...looking for that ONE Boomy, Spriest, or Warlock!
^ she has brought in a few great players in the last few weeks. We still have a few spots that could be considered open for the specified classes and for other classes skilled players will always have a chance to take a raid spot.

Rocket helmet transmogs preferred but not required.

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