Look up your character's name in WoW,

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and see who else has your name.

82 characters share my name. The majority of them aren't even active.
A paladin on Earthen Ring that is my brother's friend's paladin. So he doesn't count.

And a mage that is semi-active.

As far as I know this is the only one with this name, I also have 2 others without a double, Marlborounit and Frecklsmoker.
I have 7 ppl that share my name and all of them are inactive 6 of 7 are low level troll toons and one is a Tauren who is lvl 13 kind of sad to know how un popular my name is.

What do I win?
Only I have my name, does I get cookies?
only one here
227, I win.
4. I'm the only level 85.
There are 7 Girault. 2 are me.
172 Aune's :O

I would ♥ to see us all together in one place ^.^

♥ Aune
Im the only Wilield.
06/04/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Makaelthos
4. I'm the only level 85.

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