[Volcanic] [5/8H] [ LF Casual Members]

LF Mage, Holy Paladin & Warlock
Still looking!
Still looking. Thank you for inquiries so far! Seeking players who plan to stick around for MOP!

Still need a holy paladin and a MAGE or WARLOCK!
No longer need a mage/warlock.

Just seeking a HOLY PALADIN!

PST Quelle in the game for more info!
Currently FULL.
Bump for casuals members :)
bump for my raid group :P
399 combat rogue 4/8H killed
No current openings for rogues but thank you for the interest! Will contact you if that changes.
Looking for 1 mage!
Found the mage. Now looking for 1 Rogue and 1 DK!
Rogue spot filled.

LF Frost/Unholy DK.
All raid spots currently filled. Thank you.
Looking for a heroic ready Frost/Unholy DK or Retribution Paladin who can commit to all three raid nights ;)
Currently seeking a heroic ready arms warrior with a protection offspec for our Group 1.
Raid spot filled.

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