Molten Front: Have...Have We Met?

I would like to see how many people of the Ravenholdt forum are still actively doing the Molten Front dailies and, more importantly, when they generally seem to find themselves on to do them.

I am currently working on the very last portion of the meta-achievement and just need Mankrik to /wave at but am very discouraged at *usually* being the only one on at whatever times I log on to do the relevant quest and the occasional drop-by to scout out potential completion.

I've been on at many, MANY different times of the day, on various days, yet I still can't really get a good feel on who is still consistently doing these dailies.

If you happen to have a greater scope of the situation (regardless of the lull between expansions, many people simply burnt out, and/or Diablo, etc), then I'd greatly appreciate the input.

Additionally, if you happen to still be doing this content, a quick /who Vorastrix and calling over if you get Mankrik as your notable NPC helper, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you for your time.
I do them still on two of my characters, but I don't have set times that I play. I'm on vacation the rest of this week though and I usually play Friday night and on the weekends, so I'll do a /who and give you a /t if I am there.

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