DK's, Mage's, Shaman and Retribution Pallies

i Have alot of experience as a death knight.. the thing that gets to me most in arenas is FROST NOVa! and shammys running around.. kiting.. DON't get me wrong.. i can kill them all, but every since BLIZZARD decided that the hero class needs nerfed I started losing intrest in the game.. i mean, how come a retribution pally can heal like a holy pally in arenas.. or all classes of mages have a frost ability the is an over powering CC.. GIVE us dks back our only cc. (Hungering Cold). and lets see if anyone can kill me from that day on!
Last I checked hungering cold was still in the game. I've also heard chains of ice works like a nova, might just be rumours.
Blood death knight: check

Asking for return of instant 7 second CC for all surrounding enemies: check.

Bad attempt at trolling: check

You aren't supposed to be un-killable.

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