Female night elves. Are they inappropriate?

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Something tells me once you start looking at any dance in game that closely you are no better then anyone else. I dont see how any of them are close to "sexy". Its like something just went completely over my head. If I wanna look up something sexy, hell I do something, aint going onto WoW to get off over some random belf/nelf whatever chick.

Also how in the world does the nelf dance look like a lap dance?
I started playing this game in my late teens, I wasnt thinking of these dances that its a free for all. Personally I think of that from the way women dress in the real world, all slutty and whatnot. Maybe you should be more worried what happens in RL over what happens in WoW.
I know I'll probably get some lash back for this, especially since this game is mostly composed of guy players, but honestly I think it's time for some input from a woman's mind. I love my night elf druid. Love her to pieces. First player, had her for years. I started her when I was 14, and I'm about to turn 22. The thing is though, I just find some things a bit sexiest. For example, I do not like the night elf dance. I don't understand why saying !@#$ %^-* damn hell in the game is unacceptable and inappropriate but an explicit lap dance is not. Beautiful, composed, graceful, that's how I think these elves should be.

Night elves are strong, intelligent, and independent. I'm not saying I'm some creepy feminist that screams if you open the door for her, but I just find this dance degrading, and I think it takes away from the mystery and elegance of my player, and others. Not to mention, the dance causes drama. And sets a bad example for younger teens. I've seen teens who are insecure and go wild in their own little world. Getting their players drunk and acting the fool. I think it sets a bad example, as many teens and even adults sometimes go into their own little word when they play. It teaches teen girls to act in a way unhealthy to them mind and body, and teaches teen boys it's a free for all. Yes, it is a game, but most teens as I said take that in.

Blizzard has made some changes I find unnecessary. For example, blizzard why did you mess with my tree of life form? It was just fine as it was. Why did you change the beast mastery spec? I saw nothing wrong with it before. All these little things. I can just hope that, for all the women that play this game they can relate. I'd like to see a new dance, with lots of spins, and mystery, and grace. And guys, I bet you won't really understand but that's the thing. The secrets of a woman's heart are the most mysterious and hardest to unlock. <3

Whatever you are smoking can I please have some?
Well I don't know much about alot of stuff, but I do know alot about lap dances. I have had many, many , many lap dances in my time and none of them looked like what the NE's do. Where's the lap? It may be just semantics, but I think you're talking about pole dancing.
When I played the campaign and I got to the night elves OH MA GAWD I was in love. They were everything I wanted to be.

Anyway, I'm a girl and I love the female night elf dance. Love it. But I just don't think it suits them. For a race run by independent women, I don't think a provoking stripper dance suits them. Sure, they're sexy and they know it, but they don't seem like the type to suck up to men.
Less qq more pew pew
If night elfs are so rude, why is moon guard still up....?
Go to bed feminist zzzzz
....I thought the whole point of all this was fantasy. So that I can dance, drink myself stupid (which I don't, I find the effect annoying), and spend so much time adventuring outdoors that I don't know what an Inn looks like. All things I refuse to do irl as I much prefer to read a book. To be honest, the behavior you are suggesting this instills in young girls..is behavior that for the most part....is non-gamer girl behavior. I hate doing all those things irl, yet it seems all the girls I know can't go long without going to a club, getting blackout drunk and dancing inappropriately in a dress two sizes too small.
My wife and I agree that the dance should change to a more graceful and mysterious element to the elves we have loved in stories. It is sad that the dances have ellicited inappropriate use and response by young and old. Too bad that a game that can bring folks together from across the world is invaded by the bad actors. But, we have met wonderful folks too, so: Cya in the game:)
I'm naturally inclined to agree with you. Night elves and draenei are my favorite races in the game, and I too want them to be viewed in the best light. That being said, I do like to see a sexy character from time to time, and night elves are often depicted in sexy outfits. It's because they are independent, tigress-like warriors (like you brought out in your post). It's just how they are, and every race deserves to be a bit sexy.

Now I did say 'a bit sexy', not down right perverted. Many players believe they dance like a stripper or a pole dancer, and frankly that's just wrong. I personally never saw it in that light before and I never was bothered with how they dance. I believe someone also posted earlier that it was called a 'lap dance'. So maybe there is nothing wrong with how they dance, but it's just peoples 'perverted minds' that sees them like a pole dancer/stripper. And therefore it's those bad players and their sick minds that are corrupting our female players.
With all that been said, Blizzard could certainly improve the night elf dance emote so it's more graceful and elegant. I can agree there =)

By the way, are you still checking up on this post? I'd love to talk a bit more about this and other opinions you have. I just see that we share a common opinion that alot of other players don't have.
....And guys, I bet you won't really understand but that's the thing. The secrets of a woman's heart are the most mysterious and hardest to unlock. <3

Amen, sista. Amen.
when i started playing this game the nelf dance didnt seem dirty, then i typed /silly to many times. and played the sc2 wol campagin
48% of gamers are women, so yeah most are guys however not by much, besides. The dances are the least of the problems in this game when it comes to sexism.
Wait Wait Wait... Girls play WoW?!!!???
Everything Night Elf related is very lore friendly. They are a very strong race. I believe the only reason they are with the alliance is strength in numbers otherwise they would be a faction of there own if it came down to it.
I found Night Elves to be exotic creatures. The way op speaks about them pretty much says you want them to be human.
Almost everyone in the game has a silly or ridiculous dance, and it typically doesn't fit with what we understand their race to be.

Everyone that dances as far as I know does it for the lol's, not to look like a serious representation of their character.
09/15/2012 02:42 PMPosted by Tauramandil
It would be really nice to see "Adult" vs "Children" areas(accounts). in WoW. Maybe just alter or eliminate the suggestive behaviors/swearing in the children's area.

It's against the TOS for children to be playing the game.

OP, I'm unsure how to put my appraisal of your post in any nice terms, so I'll just say this: I'm female and proud to be female. People like you can't make me ashamed to be female, nor insist that I lock away and hide any femininity.

If you can only associate dancing or people's bodies with sex, then I pity you and feel you may need help. I'm just going to go out on a limb here, and suggest that you may feel the samba is sexual? As is belly-dancing? very, very sad and completely and utterly undermines the origins and traditions associated with the dances if that's the case.

06/08/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Ayåme
I'm not saying I'm some creepy feminist that screams if you open the door for her

obviously. The misogyny and woman-shaming in your post is bordering on the sickening.

06/08/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Ayåme
I'd like to see a new dance, with lots of spins
06/08/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Ayåme
and grace

so which one? Ridiculous spinning or grace? If you removed the spinning from the female undead dance, then you'd have something graceful.
I surmised my vocabulary is very limited because of how absurd I found the OP to be yet, absurd doesn't quite describe the actual flabbergast or dumbfounded euphoria I experienced reading the post.

We should probably enforce a Hijab on night elves and WoW might be readied for shipment to Iran. After of course censoring or removing the offensive dance.

The youth and teens you describe brings about images of a gated community and somehow the Westboro Church sign starts materializing from the foggy mist. Or perhaps a village from somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert rural. Ignorant and simple. I don't use ignorance here as derogatory term but more of a side effect of circumstances.

If the teens and youth you describe are at risk to be loose with body and soul because of the night elves' dance, then they're doomed anyhow if they're that fragile. That or we've got bigger issues to contend with. Parents are bringing up their children with no sense of self or just stupid. Genocide might be a plausible solution before the stupidity infects the rest of the population like a zombie outbreak.

But thankfully, it doesn't have to come to that, because healthy people don't base life changing choices off a video game's dance...

Talk about double standards. Silly SJWs.


She calls this explicit. May as well call it obscene.


Then people say this one is empowering! And as you wanted, LOTS OF SPINS!!

Well since we're trying to empower and influence the youth in her version of reality. Let's give night elves a pole dance! With the same body proportions! Because as mentioned in the video, it instills CONFIDENCE! Which many youth lack... so it's definitely a good thing. Right?

06/08/2012 09:22 PMPosted by Ayåme
Beautiful, composed, graceful, that's how I think these elves should be.

Yeah. Come to think of it why are elves all so lean? That's like.. discrimination. YEAH! It's discrimination. We should have plus sized models too! Curves. More curves on elves. Beautiful. Big can be beautiful as well!

And ... and.. why do only gnomes and dwarves get to be short. Dwarfism can occur in any race. There should be an option as well for shorter models on all the other races... like... 50% of current height. It is a social responsibility to be politically correct.

Or Butch females. Or... Female models with 'bulges'. You know for the LGBT community.

Yes it's spiraling down into a cesspit of indecipherable nonsense.

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