Arcane Tomes for the Scryers

Hello there!

I recently was able to pick up the first quest to get arcane tomes for the Scryers. Only problem is, I cant seem to find any. When I look at my map, it tells me to go to Firewing Point (that's what it's called right? The Blood Elf area in Terrokar), but nothing will drop there, only the rings. Where am I supposed to find the tomes?

Thanks! :D
There are no set creatures that drop them. Basically they drop rarely from higher level mobs. I remember them dropping from the dungeons like Arcatraz more than from mobs in the zones themselves, but there were a few drops while I was leveling in zones. Just go about your normal business and eventually one will drop for you. If you are in a group everyone will be able to roll on it, so hopefully you will win. :-)

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