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I just downloaded the Armory app for the auction house notifications (the account is upgraded for that)
Iphone 4.

The armory app does not show in the setting for push notifications; like the app says to do in the armory settings.

checking around these forums, I've read that you have to log into guild chat and THAT will enable push notifications.

Well, I am not in a guild. How to I get Push notifications activated for Auctions?
At the moment, we do not have push notifications for auctions. This is something we'd like to explore down the road, but for now it's just for Guild Chat.
Thank you for the response.

"Instant notifications when you win an auction, get outbid, sell your tem, or if it expires". What does this advertisement mean, then?

edit: Also, in other threads a "blue" has said that if someone logs into guild chat, it will enable push notifications for auction house.. so my question being; what if I'm not in a guild?

Maybe I'm asking the question incorrectly;

"Instant notifications when you win an auction, get outbid, sell your item, or if it expires".

How can I get instant notifications when I win an auction, get outbid, sell my item, or if it expires?
There's really no need to bump your thread, Kidret. It's not like the WoW forum where your thread disappears from the front page in a miasma of random posts. Be patient and I will get around to answering your thread.

Like I mentioned in my previous reply, only Guild Chat has push notifications enabled. We have not added Auction House support. The quote you're referencing from our WoW Remote page was written before we had any push notifications at all, and is referring to the in-app toasts and alerts for auctions. These will display while the app is in focus, but not while it's minimized or the phone is locked.

I've informed our web team of this misleading text and we will be removing it from the website to avoid any future confusion.

Thanks for the heads up!
Thank you, Wilebosk. And sorry for the bumps :o

Is there a timetable for when push notifications will be added, if at all?

Thanks again.
No worries, Kidret. No timetable at the moment. Our primary focus is on Mists of Pandaria content.
Hey running into same problem just wondering if it got figured out or not? :-)
We have not developed this feature for the Auction House. If we do, we will note it in the patch notes and the News section of the Mobile Armory.

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