[H]<WelfareLine> 5/8H 10s Recruiting for MoP

Earthen Ring
We are hardcore raiders who are only casual because of our raid times. We joined late in Cataclysm (Mid DS) but we plan to push hard in MoP.

WelfareLine started as a bank guild but the officers decided that we wanted to come together and build our own community. Our leaders have a strong raid background through all content in each expansion back to vanilla. We also have a core of solid pvpers and enjoy arenas and battlegrounds.

Beyond that we do legacy content for achievements, mounts and nostalgia.

Our focus in pve is to push the newest content as quickly as we can with our light raid schedule. We realize that real-life comes first but we feel that we can maintain solid progression with a skilled core. Our focus in pvp is high end arenas.

We are looking for skilled players for both pve and pvp content.

Our current raid schedule is 8:00-11:00PM Sat and if we need to we clean up on Sun from 8:00-11:00. (Possibly subject to change in MoP)

We are looking for a couple strong players for MoP. Highest priority given to:
-Any spec of Pally
-Monks who can level quickly (preferably brewmaster)

Our website is: http://welfareline.org/ for more information or contact a guild member to get in touch with an officer.

Edited to reflect needs
bump :)

I bet if you joined us this week Ultraxion would drop Experiment 12-B
This is by far the greatest guild I have ever seen.
Watch out! We are like the bears in Jellystone but with compliments. You shouldn't feed us :P

I have to grease my ears just to make it through instance portals as is.
You forgot to mention the no pants policy we have. Actually, I will tell them... we don't wear pants and neither should you!
We are now 2/8 although a few of our members were on alts out of guild for comp reasons so we don't get guild credit.
Bumping for the fact we go 2 of 8 on alts.
Bump 3/8 heroic. Still looking for a solid rDPS shpriest/ele preferred.

Going for 4/8 this Saturday. Come join us!
Need a pro spriest!
Not the best but willing to learn.
Bump for Ikon the boom chicken :D
Thanks Ramen, who wins 10 internetz for having the best DI ever!

@Protofish: You are a bit undergeared for the content we are currently pushing and you seem to be missing a few enchants etc. However, contact me in game (search ikon) or visit our website and PM me there if you want to talk further.
Still looking for a consistent rDPS. Prefer a shadow priest with a healing o/s but would consider a strong warlock as well.
Filled the gap in our team. Still considering solid strong applicants who either don't mind sitting or who are looking to take stay casual until MoP. We still do lots of alt runs/pvp to keep interest.
ikon is the man with the plan and the white van. i r a pokemon
and no di for ikon <3
ikon is the man with the plan and the white van. i r a pokemon
and no di for ikon <3

I'm a little confused by your tactics, so I'm gonna act like a tough guy until I figure it out. :P
Bumped for progress(albeit nerfed). Still considering applicants looking for a home in MoP.
^ 5/8H Looking for a strong rDPS for MoP.

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