[A] <Lotion> 8/8 HM 10 man recruiting.

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Lotion is a newly formed guild 10 man hardcore raiding guild on Alliance made up of a core group of 2200-2700 arena players/WOTLK Realm First/World top 300 raiders. We started raiding heroics on the 31/5/12 and by the 1/7/12 H madness was down (with little to no H Dragon Soul experience amongst our raid members). We are looking for exceptional players to assist us in pushing for realm firsts in MoP, we are aiming for a core group of 12 raiders.

Our Raid Times are (Currently):
Wednesday: 8-10 (DS)
Thursday: 8-12 (Firelands - Just Started this week)

Mists of Pandaria:
Wednesday: 8-12
Thursday: 8-12
Sunday: 8-12
Monday (For the first month or so while we are pushing realm firsts) 8-12

All times are AEST

No current recruitment need but we will consider all exceptional applications.

Apply here: lotionguild.com

Contact In Game:
Jepsen (Melee officer)
Callesta (Tanking Officer)

Or add michaeleveritt@hotmail.com.au to chat on RealID
Also potentially looking for a solid hunter.
I hear Loranah could fill that spot.
I R good hunter
06/08/2012 09:44 PMPosted by Smokebomb
Ask ajantis for one im sure after they gave you that dynamite advice that you "can't skip to heroic madness cause spine is too hard at 20% nerf " BFF guilds

On the contrary heroic spine is rather easy, almost 2 shot it on our first attempts on Thursday. Should get it easily enough on Sunday.

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