Troll Military Ranks?

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I'm making an event for my guild, where we're going to war with a troll tribe, and I would like to know the troll military ranks. Can anyone help?
Highest rank attainable in troll military: Mon
I don't think trolls have a real well...military. Or ranks by extension. It's more of a tribes thing and jobs/duties/roles vibe from what I can tell.
Troll hierarchy outside of family units typically consists of the leader and the mob, from what I've heard. They're guerrilla fighters, so it isn't usually that much of a impediment to have such decentralized control.
Well, there aren't really ranks in the traditional sense. Respect comes with the job title. For instance- Shadow Hunters are generally held up the highest, as they combine the might of the physical with the danger of the spiritual. Spiritual leaders are held up in respect among the trolls, but outside of that... there really doesn't seem to be a specific hierarchy besides 'jin', which is the chief, and the head priest/ess, and the Shadow Hunters. But these describe the role a person plays rather than their rank and standing, just one influences the other? /shrugs

And even then, it's not like they are required to follow the orders of them. They are simply respected for their prowess.
I think Khaga sums up what I think of troll warfare. I know there are troll warlords, but it's a hierarchy probably similar to jungle tribes - you have a big guy( warlord/ chief), some elite guards possibly, and everyone else is a scout / headhunter / warrior / shaman / witch doctor. Maybe the leader of a party is known as a war leader or something. They might have a rank based on experience, too - novices, perhaps? To denote the new recruits.

And there's also Shadow Hunters which I would think are more of an elite order, separate from any rank in the tribe.
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