Selling 1-525 Profession leveling kits!

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IMPORTANT UPDATE:September 10th is the last day i will be accepting orders

Looking to sell Profession leveling kits! Great time to switch up those profession for Mist Of Pandaria for your main, or finally get some professions on that alt of yours! I am currently selling profession kits that are guaranteed to get you from 1 - 525 skill in the profession of your choice. I currently support all non gathering professions (Scribe, Alchemy, Blacksmith, Jewel crafting,Enchanting, Tailoring,Engineering, Leather working). Prices vary per profession and are based on how time consuming and challenging the kit is to farm and how in demand the particular kit is. Prices are listed below. ( all Kits are intended to be used with the guides found at

Tailoring - contact in game for price
Leatherworking - 26,000g (Now Available)
Enchanting - 20,000g
Jewelcrafting - 19,500g
Engineering - 18,000g
Blacksmithing - 18,500g
Alchemy - 15,000g
Inscription - 13,500g

Discounts:(up to a total of 15%)
Multiple Orders: ordering 2 or more Kits at a time will grant a 5% discount per kit off your total cost.( Ex: you order 3 kits then you get a total of 15% subtracted from your final payment.)

Return Customers: after purchasing 2 kits buyers will receive an automatic 5% discount to all future orders.

Refer a Friend: Previous buyers who plan to purchase another kit can add an additional 5% discount if they get a friend to purchase an order. The friend must mention you by name as their reason for contacting me about a kit and must confirm an order for you to receive your permanent 5% discount.

Rush Delivery:
Orders will be filled in order as they are taken. However i do provide you the option to skip your order to the top of the list for a fee of 4,000g.

The Receiving Process:
Once an order has been completed it will be stored in proper order needed for leveling in my Alt guild bank. You will be invited to guild (doesn't have to be your main you can do this with an unguilded alt) and be placed at the "inspector" rank. at this point you will double check your profession kit with the material list found at for your profession. once you approve of your kit BOTH parties will type out the terms of the transaction in party chat and agree to them.( This is to have in game logs for gms to refer to should either party attempt and shady business). Once both parties have agreed in party chat funds will be traded to myself or deposited inside guild bank. Once funds have been received you will be promoted to a "buyer" rank and be given free reign on the bank tabs containing your kit. I will stay online for the entire duration of your leveling process so if you happen to come up short on mats for what ever reason i'll supply the mats necessary to continue leveling.

If you have any interest it's best to contact me INGAME to place an order and be placed on my Real ID. i can be contacted on any of the following toons.

EDIT: I have been bombarded with orders upon my return so this has forced a price increase across the board. Any buyer who's order was Confirmed Before 7-27-12 pricing for you has not changed. All future orders will be subject to price change. all discounts still apply.
100% legit. it works i did with my JC. definitely buy this if youre looking for a quick prof level.
Very fast worker & get's absolutely every mat you need for "x" profession .
Definitely worth it for a new toon , coming xpac changes, etc.
This is a really good idea and I wish I would have seen this before I leveled BS on an alt :(
I would recommend this to anyone who needs a quick prof. Asked for Engineering, woke up in the morning and he had all the mats, safe trade over and quickly corrected all errors with the order. Fast and easy. 10/10
Same with me. Just bought 2 packs from him myself and working on a third. Great guy because if any part of the guides he uses to base his kits off of are incorrect or slightly inaccurate by the time you get to leveling (i.e.- pattern turns yellow/green premature, doesn't give the skillups the guide claims), he gives you his full attention and compensates with the materials needed to reach those skill points.

For those that are a little shaken by paying ahead of time, that is all cleared by the typed agreement between you and him, similar to GDKP runs, allowing for a GM to step in if it were to head that direction (but it never does).

Anybody interested in getting 2 maxed professions (or more if you have other toons) in a quick timeframe should definitely look into this guy.
Another vouch for Critzahoy i did not buy a profession but i have done some business with him in the past it was nice and smooth
Fast worker, and very efficient. Leveled Jewelcrafting. Any issues, he corrected them. 10/10
to add to my post, With JC, he corrected any missing gems and helped me find the ones that i couldnt find in my bags. Great guy 10/10
Will be away for 2 days and will continue to fill orders upon my return.
I asked him if he had an engineering kit, he told me he did not. He said he would have one the next day, but when I logged on later in the day he already had a kit ready.

The price is right, especially when you want to do a last minute change before MOP. You go through an agreement before any transaction, he is on throughout the whole process of you leveling just in case some mats are missing.

Overall 10/10, very good guy! Pleasure to work with you :)
I'm Back and now again accepting orders! Contact me in game if interested
All orders have been filled. Looking for more buyers
I gotta earn a few more K and i'll buy an enchanting one
I'm back and ready to fill more orders contact me in game if interested. Currently in stock Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and Jewelcrafting kits.
So... do you just take the number from and add 5k gold to it? Or how are you coming up with your prices? Just curious.
wtb enchanting, your not online atm but hit me up in game!!
Critz contact me when you see me on
I base my price off of how time consuming / challenging it is for me to gather all the mats. Nothing is purchased from the ah unless you end up missing a skill point and i don't have the extra materials to supply you. Also demand of the particular profession plays a factor in price.
Interested in enchanting and inscription, ill look for you in game later tonight or send you iname mail on a time we can set it up.

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