4/8HM Guild possibly server transferring.

Due to our server being dead as dead can be my guild and I are looking up possible servers to move to in hopes of reforming our core with some of the people who are absent on a regular basis. So what i'm look for is the players of Turalyon's input on the server their likes and dislikes to help us narrow down a solid server to start rebuilding our guild and hopefully progress further into Heroics and possibly get RBG's running.
It's a fine server to xfer to. AH is solid. It is bustling despite Diablo 3. It has the same problems other servers have (trolls, idiots, and casual bads looking for a carry). PUG's here are more successful than the backwater server I xferred from but not the best in the World (of Warcraft). Getting PVP stuff going can be a bit of a pain I've noticed. A lot of people here are pretty PvE minded in some form or fashion. But more people willing to run them could only help.
Should go horde imo. :D
Alliance on this server is solid. The people are friendly, the pug scene and economy are healthy. My friends and I transferred to this server a few months back and we have been quite happy here.
If you've come to poach dolphins you will not recieve a warm welcome.

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