Necrotic Strike addon

Death Knight
I am looking for an addon that shows me how much my NS will absorb on the target. I found one called "Necrotic Track" but I couldnt get the bar to move. I googled the problem, disabled all addons and tried, and nothing could get the thing to move. If anyone has another NS tracker addon they know of or how to get the bar on Nectrotic Track to move I would be happy to know of it!
I got necrotic track to move. Go into the options, set it to locked, apply, exit, then set it to unlocked, apply, exit, and you're set.
Oh my god it worked!!! Thank you very much I never would have tried that haha.
Ok so I got it to move once and the next 5 minutes of me playing with the toggle button and trying to move it isnt working...

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