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I will be leaving my realm (Scarlet Crusade) shortly because it is dead and my guild is dead. I have not been able to raid for about 2 months now because I could not find a pug group and its rare to see more than 5 people online at one time in my guild. I would like to join either a progression raiding guild or a good pvp guild. I have a 395 ilvl with 406 daggers and 1/8H experience with attempts on yorsahj and ultraxion. I am dedicated and do not mind wiping for progression's sake. For pvp I have a 399 ilvl with little competitive experience (gotten 1600 in 2s, no rbg experience) but I am looking to expand that.
Hello, Stabynarwhal (love the name :P)!

We are Ascension of Hyjal-US.*
Ascension strives to raid casually, but effectively; no more wiping 3-4 hours a night, 3-4 nights a week. We recognize progression takes time and effort, but we choose to progress steadily while still maintaining a life outside the game.*

Current Class Needs
We are looking at all applications from all tanks, healers, melee and ranged DPS! We are looking for individuals who will give their 110% every night for the 6 hours you are required to show up. You are NOT required to have heroic experience, however, it is definitely an added bonus! Gear "behind" to certain guilds? Give us a look! We know that gear does not reflect the user.

Who are we?
Ascension is founded by two friends, Azhula and Cynassa, originally from Uldaman and Muradin, respectively. We raided together previously and were able to progress together. But due to a heavy raiding schedule, we chose to take a different route. Both the guildmaster and officer have had the pleasure of killing Deathwing on heroic 25 man, and now plan to do the same on Hyjal, on 10 man.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for like-minded individuals who look for a light, but effective raiding schedule. We raid Tues-Thurs, 9-11, Thursday being an extra day for progression.
Dedication, skill, maturity, and patience are all key ingredients for a good raider. Heroic experience is a bonus, but not required of you. We want our raiders to feel comfortable in expressing their opinion, as well as take their own initiative in learning boss encounters, studying their own class, etc.

Contact Information
Azhula | Guildmaster |
Cynassa | Officer |

If you're interested, feel free to drop off a short and easy application at:
Definitely sounds like a good guild but the raid times are just a little too late for me. Thanks though.
<Remedy> is looking for a rogue to complete their Legendary Dagger chain!
We currently have gotten 3 rogues their daggers but 2 are taking time off for summer... So there is an opening for 1 Rogue.

We are currently 6/8H DS25 and raid 7-10pm ST Wed/Thurs

Contact an officer in game or app on our site::


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