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So I'm looking for blue jeans and a red jacket to complete my Elisa Maza Gargoyles look. Any help? They have to be cloth as I am a warlock.
Red Linen Vest Looks sort of like a jacket
Royal Trousers or any of the quest variants, blue pants. Scarecrow Trousers blue pants with pockets. Mistscape Pants more blue pants, with pockets!

Edit: to include more red chest pieces. I googled the character, and but there arent really any red jacket type things. Best to get a red shirt and use it under the chest. Or a black shirt under a red chest, as she looks to be wearing. Might I suggest... Red Workman's Shirt, It looks great with the red linen vest imo, but your tastes may vary!

Demonweave Raiment
Crimson Silk Vest
Earthen Vest
Corsair's Overshirt
Aboriginal Vest
Simple Blouse

Hope I helped
I wanted to say thanks for reminding me about this awesome show! :D Loved it when I was younger. Watching it online now. Best of luck with your xmogs!

Thanks for the help! I chose the crimson silk vest and red swashbuckler's shirt combo which works for now. :-). I'm obsessed with show now just like I was as a kid, I can't believe it's up on YouTube of all places.

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