<Duality> 5/6 H MV 16/16 N is recruiting!

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About Duality

Duality was formed late 2010 during WOTLK. We started off casual raiding when we could and downing bosses simply for fun. Soon after we formed though a dominant 25 man roster emerged and we started becoming more competitive. We built our core up and got ready to hit cataclysm hard. Starting off as one of the few 25 man guilds left on Mal'ganis due to others splitting up and making 10 mans. We started downing content with at a steady pace in the first month of the expansion. Coming into Mist of Pandaria we have strived to be one of the best guilds on mal'ganis. We started off at a steady pace and we plan to only exceed those expectations.

Duality is comprised of several raiders from top 250 world guilds that have a desire and dedication to be one of the top guilds in World of Warcraft. We expect raiders to come to raid on time and prepared. Full stack of flasks, potions and food. Reading up on encounters before raid and doing research is key to our progression and pushing top world ranks. If you feel like this is the guild for you please take the time to apply to Duality. We are always recruiting exceptionally skilled players regardless of class and spec.


All exceptional raiders are encouraged to apply! 480+ ilvl required!

Raid Times

25 Man Raiding

All Times are CST(server time)

Progression Raiding Schedule

Sun : 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Tues: 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Wed : 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
Thurs: 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Recruitment Officers btag:


Hours and days for all raids are subject to change during progression!

Feel free to apply at dualityguild.shivtr.com!
Looking for excellent players.
10 man
Come get some.
I am looking for a Heroic Raiding guild that has mature players with a goal in getting 8/8H and on into mists. I am looking for a semi-hardcore group of players who show up on time and like to chill on vent/mumble/Teamspeak whatever the case. I have many attempts on Heroic spine and I am looking for similar progression. my real id is titansfan876@yahoo.com. Feel free to contact me in game anytime. Also the latest I can raid is 12pm server time
Trudyn disengages off of spine of deathwing.
Everyone knows the cool thing to do is disengage off deathwing as a druid gawd@!
I prefer popping my wings and flying off into the sunset!
No shamans around :(
Yeah our shaman went kayaking......rofl
Holy paladins and shamans prease!
Still looking for more!
Prailidins and hunters that dont disengage off spines are preferred.
We love people that kayak, ultimate frisbee and play lacrosse!
We also enjoy walks on the beach and zj's (If you have to ask you cant afford it!)
Im the only hunter in this guild the spot is mine! :p Still looking for a HUNTARD though :)
Wtb a holy paly that Creamy doesn't murder. also wtb h cunning. throwing that out there.
Ya, holy pally :(

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