<Duality> 5/6 H MV 16/16 N is recruiting!

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bump for the gm being a good healer
Thanks kathos
Bump! Creamy is seeking professional help to get over his hate of holy paladins.
Where am I? What is this place?
Holy paladins prease!
06/19/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Eruvia
Wtb a holy paly that Creamy doesn't murder. also wtb h cunning. throwing that out there.

Murder denotes some sort of planning and deliberation. Not spur of the moment nerd rage.

Holy pallies under 16 and / or with borderline personality disorders need not apply.
Creamy would like a paladin to sac him if you know what im sayin!
Bump for one night full heroic DS clear!
Looking for players for MoP and weekend raiding!
Looking for raiders who enjoy 2 day weekend raiding.
sent in an app :)
We have a recipe for creamy choc chip cookies apply for more info.
Titles and Mounts available for sale inquire within!
Either would be acceptable as long as you dont disengage on spine :)
Holy pally and resto shamans!
leap of faith just saying as I wonder how x can miss the hole .. what happened for you to lose interest in troll class trudyn?
You mean race? If so I found myself tanking more so I figured I would stay tauren.
Looking for holy pally or shaman! No alts from other guilds to help clear our runs!

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