<Duality> 5/6 H MV 16/16 N is recruiting!

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trolling a guild recruitment forum very classy...
I was once a wolf then I woke up.....
LF hardcore/semicasual progression guild 10/25 man. My guild does not raid often enough and when it does, people dont show and nothing gets accomplished. I am tired of this and would like to join a guild that gets things done. I have raided intensively on my DK since Wrath. She is ilvl 405 7/8H DS atm. Blood MS/ Frost OS. Yours schedules are perfect for me, and would love to be part of your team.
trudyn steals from children...
I cant fight this feeling anymore. Ive forgotten what I started fightin for!
nom nom nom looking for some beta monk players.
Where am I?
Lookin for those beta players to raid with on the beta and players experienced in monks!
Looking for more exceptional players.
Never gonna give you up!
Looking for dedicated raiders!
wtb people that show up to raid
Looking for excellant players!
thinking of server transfer...tired of my guild. holy/prot been playing forever, healing tanking killing whatever. i have horrible spelling and grammer, 5 time combat tour vet. hire me and get break on taxes...woot.
bump, just for you
All classes/specs are open for MoP progression. Feel free to apply!

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