<Duality> 5/6 H MV 16/16 N is recruiting!

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My Experience:
8/8HM Dragonsoul (5/8 HM PRE-NERF)
7/7 Heroic Firelands (on DK, 6/7HM on war, both toon's have GOTFR)

My Toons:
403 IL arms warrior 8/8HM - Rágnarok
404 IL unholy Dk 7/8 hm - Morgoth

Both toon's are back on Mal ' Ganis
I also pvp as well and have full cata set on my dk
I'm a strong laid back player looking for 10 or 25man progression raiding. I'd like a guild with 8/8 heroic nothing less and with a strong intention of good progression come Mist. My offspec is Blood/frost for pve and unholy for pvp

My real id is david_walters1987@live.com feel free to contact me.
Looking for exceptional players!
I like cookies. Nomnom cookies. Also, whoever hacked Stabyass and deleted half of his pve gear but DIDNT delete his legendaries, you fail.
whoa whoa whoa...It's Eruvia! I have cookies. Ujelly? Ujelly. Sooperjelly. /freebump
Looking for exceptional raiders to help with content in MoP!
Looking for players that have extensive experience on the beta.
Looking for dedicated players to join our ranks as we fight for world ranks.
Recruiting an experienced holy paladin.
Full time spot open for a talented holy paladin.
Looking for a Resto shaman and Spriest to add to our roster for heroic Mists progression. Beta experience is a major plus.
I'm in your guild wut
Tanks plox
We are currently looking for experienced tanks.
Bump! Still LFM
Looking for exceptional dps.
Looking for exceptional dps!
Still looking for great players.
Looking for more exceptional players to add to the roster.

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