Shattered Hand
Hey guys, you might have seen me in trade chat looking to get you some flowers or ore.

I will get you any Cata herb or ore and as much as you want!

Heres the Price :


- Cinderbloom 12g/stack
- Stormvine 20g/stack
- Azshara's Veil 50g/stack
- Heartblossom 35g/stack
- Whiptail 15g/stack
- Twilight Jasmine 80g/stack
- Volatile Life 250g/stack


- Obsidium Ore 30g/stack
- Elementium Ore 30g/stack
- Pyrite Ore 45g/stack

I will try to update the price when the market on the item changes a lot.

I will also accept Titanium Ore as a trade.

Contact me with in game mail or when im online.
I am currently online!
LF buyers! price has changed Send me in game mail @ Isave If interested in one of these

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