<A> Knights of Other Realms is recruiting g2

Knights of other Realms is recruiting for group 2.
KoR is a family oriented casual guild, 4/8 Heroic for group 1, looking to expand for MoP.

I am recruiting for group 2, it will be ran by me, and I'm looking for a roster of 12-13 people to switch in and out to clear 8/8 heroic. So far I have six solid players that have all seen at least 6/8hm, looking for 6-7 more.

Raid hours are:
Tuesday 8PM-12AM server time, Invites at 7:45

Looking for:
1 Tank with a strong DPS offspec, or vice versa
1 Shaman - with a strong healing and dps spec
1 Holy Paladin
1 Rogue
3 Ranged dps

I don't believe item level is important, however I expect my raiders to pull their weights, so I will be personally running trials with any applicants. You are expected to bring your own consumables, however we will usually provide flasks. Alt are welcome and encouraged to apply, but you must be in the guild, and be able to commit to raid.

Contact Nymerias for more details, In-game mail will do.


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