i am back on wow after a 4 month vacation to get my priorities together, 17 months I had a life changing accident which humble me and made me appreciate what i took for granted my whole life, GOOD HEALTH AND THE ABILITY TO KEEP BUSY and enjoy mobility, I am paying the price for my insensitive nature.
I come to appreciate MMO like WOW for my ability to interact and feel I am out there meeting and playing like I did in real life, But with game fantasy battle and team work. Being a ex-gulf war 1 vet this game gives me the feel of action, unlike battlefield 3 (great game) brings back the bad memories of war.
My Concern is, the 4 months i took off from wow, because the guild i was in went belly up, and my friends had moved on to other newer MMO. I asked them why??? they said because wow got boring and it has nothing new in this last add-on( cata), just a do over of old stuff. i left the game, and tried out these so call new boys in town, my friends were bragging about and i found to ta shocking truth, I hate to admit it, My friends were right!.
More content, more choices, un-like in WOW, i did not have go into a dungeon, in that game, just to get kicked because my dps was not high enough for the group. my injury keeps from running PVP, or running dungeons super fast and if i don't run a dungeon with the guild, running it as a pug dungeon is a waste of time, and the only way to get good gear is to get your justice points in dungeons or pvp battle grounds.
What i found out in this other MMO being solo you can craft or build yourself a great armor or weapons just by farming for it, this was fantastic. Run the zones while a major battle is going on, you still get some rewards for just being there, you don't have to battle, you still get some rewards. this mmo was friendly to PVE-ers like me and have the feel of pvp play. and you can switch between realms (free) to join your friend who play there
When you find a bug in the game and report it, they get on it, and fix it within days not months and not ignore it . The Game masters are fast to respond, almost like they could read your mind when you having a problem.
What is sad is this mmo is barely over a year old and it has all the features you can only get thru add-ons in WOW
I put year commitment to wow back when it 1st was offered, i felt WOW will make a push with its new package to add more content to FOR CRAFTING AND FOR PVE-ERs MORE SINGLE GAME PLAY.
i played the beta of its up coming package and found it lacking in all respects, sure you get a new race, but no new lower content, or any more crafting options, i fear wow has not committed enough to this new package, its young competitor has not only double it crafting and mount options, since wow announcement of its new package, they are adding in 2 person an 3 person dungeons runs which make it easier to get into a dungeon that adjusts level according to the number of players, this what i thought wow should have been after almost 7 years in the market.
I feel Blizzard sat back and let this game become boring and stagnant, Blizzard should have been the ones, striving for innovation and changes, not letting these up and comers steal there thunder, but when you ignore the players and worry more about the money you can milk,
Now Blizzard a scrambling for you to bring friends back to there MMO, i tried to convince my friends to come back, but after seeing what i saw, i am afraid I have no convincing arguments that will help me win them back.
i agree some of these up and comers copied or used ideals people drop here in wow forums to to help develop their game's style and i saw similarities to WOW in this game myself ,which made it easy to like some of its game play. i came back to wow because of my commitment to time i promise to support in my 1 year service agreement.
i want to be loyal to a game i love, but I see all the people who was kind and helpful are gone and i am sad I have no way to convince them that WOW is making changes, that will bring anyone back to stay.
I hope this game does not die, but like myself who took for granted what i had in health and mobility i did not strive to keep it up, and ignored the signs and paid the price.
I think this post would be best on the general forums or perhaps the beta forum rather then posted on the server forum. Especially given that there not many people on this particular forum and more people would view your heartfelt post in General. I wish you the best of luck in your new game and on your new adventure.

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