@ FFS Thank you..

To killsjoy and channels.

I wanted to thank you for the help that you provided to Phase III during a time when we really needed a melee dps. Aelmott was a wonderful asset to us and a great player whom we will miss. I wish FFS all the success when MOP comes out as I know that you guys will Rock on the alliance side in progression.

Cheers for now and dont be strangers. :))
Grats on your 8/8.
He also does birthday's and bar mitzvah's!

/w you didn't hear it from me but, i hear he has been known to work bachelorette parties... you just have to go through his "agent" Hawkmoon. He's the guy over there with the bright purple sword and shockingly green outfit.

Congrats on going 8/8 HM!
Very cool post Zoreena, and grats on 8/8HM!
And thank you for being excellent raiding neighbors while you were with us on Alliance. The Horde has gained something special with your guild transferring over. We will miss you!

Grats on 8/8HM as well.
Thanks all sooo much for the posts. I will truly miss the great raiding neighbours we had on alliance side and we will miss all of you as well.

I have a bday coming up next month hmmmmm lol
Welcome to the Horde. Valley of Wisdom is where it is at.

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