should a shaman every use a staff?

I just won one and its an upgrade but should i be actively seeking a replacement or are staffs decent shaman items ?
It honestly depends on the stats. If the stats are good for you, hit / spirit / haste / mastery, and it's an upgrade, it's good. Usually, people will go with a MH / OH combination because of the +40 int enchant for the OH. And, no, there's no real benefit from using a Shield over a Off-Hand or Staff for Pve.

Now, for Pvp.. That's a different story.
If it has better stats or orange text then yes.
06/11/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Adelaide
If it has better stats or orange text then yes.

PvE Whatever has better stats

PvP No you need the damage reduction, except legendary weapon ofc
In general, the best combination to use would be a main hand with a shield for the simple fact that you can have the extra armor regardless of whether you need it or not.

Most staves will have just about the same stat totals as most MH/shield or MH/OH combos of equal item level- thus it depends solely on which stats are there (which stats are more valuable to you.) If the particular stats on one combo are better then you probably want to use that set-up but if a shield has equal stats then the shield is the clear choice. Furthermore, if you raid consistently then you will likely have the opportunity to pick up an ideal weapon and shield eventually.

Since the only casters that use caster shields all use spirit you can expect to see spirit on every caster shield from here on out and thus no caster shield will be a bad choice for a shaman. There might be a slightly better choice due to the other 2ndary stat, but the idea is that you can't go wrong with a shield.

If you are dealing with upgrading... well upgrades is upgrades.
Some few boss abilities are factored by armor, and so a shield would be preferable in those cases. This doesn't happen incredibly often, but often enough that mainhand/shield combo is preferable to a staff, assuming equal item level. Morchok stomp currently care about this.

If you have a superior staff, though, use a staff.
If it has better stats, yes, but still I try to stay with a shield and dagger/mace because of the extra armor it gives.
If it has better stats, AND u play pve only

for pvp always use a shield if u are resto or ele, enhance is obviously duel wield
For PvE if you're ele or resto.

If you even try to use a 2h as enh I will find you and eat your face.
^no he won't. I ball with a 2hander and my face is in tact.

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