[A] <Phantasmagoria> 8/8HM LF DPS for MoP

Phantasmagoria is a Wrath of the Lich King born guild located on Barthilas, which has maintained steady progression since it began raiding in 2009. Moving through both 10 and 25 man raiding in its time, we now run a steady 10 man and intend on seeing content when it is relevant and competing for better server ranks each tier.

We are currently looking for a melee dps of the following classes to join our core raid team:

Our raid times during MoP will be:
Thursday: 8-11 Server Time.
Sunday: 8-11 Server Time.
Monday: 8-11 Server Time.
There will be nights where we stay back anywhere from half an hour to an hour later, so please ensure you are able to stay beyond an 11pm finish.

By applying for MoP you are expected to level fairly quickly and run heroics until you are in the best possible gear you can get, ready to raid in the first or second week of release. You will be expected to help farm mats for pots and flasks which are necessary for raiding, as well as having appropriate food with you.

If you are interested please fill out an application form on our website,

From Phantas, with love <3
Applicants who are sexually deviant will gain extra consideration...

rip njord
sexual deviants you say, Cung sounds like your man
Back on your pepsi raft, Soul.
Free fashion advice from the guilds stylist and fashion guru, Diamond D'Lonzo.
I would join if I would only have to heal Dwarfs and Blizzard would allow me to remain a Orc that defected to Alliance
u guys still looking?
idunno, are we?
We sure are.
sent in a app :)
Bump for healers will supply bandaids/bandages if needed
bump Dlonzo top guy
07/25/2012 10:46 PMPosted by Eqliz
Dlonzo top guy

Dlonzo, worst guy.
Still looking for a healer!! We want you!!!

Uncle Ten wants YOU!

07/27/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Venetia
Dlonzo top guy

Dlonzo, worst guy.

I am hurt :(
I need heals...

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