Death knight t14

Death Knight theres a pic of it. what does everyone think of it? personally i dont like it
i think it looks sweet except for the little flowers
I quite like it, especially the purple/grey coloured set. The wilted flowers I think are an especially poetic touch, and offset GRIMSKULLS. But yeah.

That and I could use the helmet to make some kind of transmog set that looks like a killer Geoff Peterson.
The helm isn't intimidating, the horns look like clown hair, the shoulders have ridiculous skulls jutting from them like some Saturday morning cartoon villain, and as usual everything from the armpit down is bland and forgettable.

you put it the nicest way i could say, it looks they didnt even put time into this compared to other t14 and whats funny is that the dungeon set looks alot better, but honestly i feel like theirs a guy in the office that runs arounds screaming BIGGER SHOULDERS BIGGER SHOULDERS!
PACHYDERM FOR DK DESIGN ARTIST!!! haha no but serious it looks redic and they shouuld take some user submitted ideas
When in doubt, just throw skulls on it. Bam, instant DK tier set.

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