[H-RP/PvP]Scythe of Sylvanas Begins a New Era

Emerald Dream
((Tonight was amazing! Our first guild hosted event! Silvermoon Sisterhood, thank you for helping us out! Even though we died a couple times, that was extremly entertaining!))
Congratulations on your success, feel free to drop me a line should you like the assistance of another Forsaken brother on the battlefield
Our first IC meeting went extremely well!
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Good luck to you, much love for the Forsaken.))
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Luceous sat in a room.

A room full of whispers.

Whispers of betrayal.

"That girl is going to prove herself a nusiance..I know it.." He spoke outloud, intterupting the whispers.

He thought to himself, Myramains had slapped a Blood Elf of the Scythe, simply because he spoke his mind. Nothing to purposley antagonate her..She despises Blood Elves..That much is clear.

"The Scythe has grown since the removal of Kigren..." He paused. "The Scythe will continue to grow. And soon, we will have enough numbers to conquer Gilneas, and reclaim the rest of Lordaeron! We shall kill Nymaway and her wretched Pack!" He yelled at the whispers. He then stopped. The whispers had ceased.

He cackled.
Sitting in the den alone, Nymaway leans against the wall thumbing through a rather old looking book. A soft sigh escapes her crimson lips, her nose wrinkles slightly as she grows annoyed searching for something within the pages.

Putting the book aside, she looks up to the ceiling of the den, she stares for a moment lost in thought about her last meeting with the undead warrior Luceous.

" He was not born nor raised in Gilneas, but yet he thinks it belongs to him. He has never witnessed the beauty of the city when it was full of life. He only wishes to take it to use as a military base."

Nymaway's body begins to tremble slightly, her jaw clenches, then her bones begin to snap, and reset. She shifts to her worgen form letting out a loud howl.

Off in the distance howls around different points in Gilneas can be heard.

Soon there will be a meeting to settle this once, and for all.
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((The Scythe of Sylvanas now seeks a SINGLE Level 85 Orc (Preferably a Warrior, but any class is accepted) to join! This Orc would ICly be a Kor'kron Overseer, sent by Garrosh to watch over the Scythe. If you are interested, please post in this thread, or pst Luceous in-game.))
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((The Scythe has officially achieved level two.))
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