EPIC 8/8HM DS LFM for Cata/MoP Progression!!

The guild EPIC LV25 8/8HM DS 10m Alliance raiding guild is currently seeking players willing to learn the fight have a few wipes and try harder the next attempt to kill the current boss during progression. Players must be proficient on the fights and their class. we welcome group discussion and ideas to help better compete the task at hand.

Your toon must be prepared at all raid times with proper gems and chants.Don't have them ask the guild. I am the guild JC If I do not have the cut you want let me know so I can buy it.

Raid Times:
Tuesday - 8pm/1130pm server
Sunday - 7pm-1130pm server (Finish from Tuesday night and Old Content raids.
Monday Alt Run - 8pm/1130pm server
PLEASE be on time and ready to roll...or at least be able to inform someone that you will be late!

Player Requirements & Perks:
*Must have working Mic and vent
*Stable Computer with minimal Lag
*Sense of humor a must
*Group participation with Strategies ideas for Boss Fights
*All around good personality
*Guild Repairs for Raids
*Gear and mats put in Gbank by members will be available to all for half the current AH price
*If you need something from the bank ask any Officer..preferably me so I can keep account!
*Flask and Feast Provided for Raids
*And all the green lock cookies you can stand

****Loot rules are MS over OS. 1 MS roll+win per raid unless all players able to use item being rolled for have won something that night. Current content gear mats IE Essence of Destruction are placed in Gbank. Patterns are rolled for current toon playing on with that specific Profession. If already known will go to Gbank. BOE's will be rolled on as a MS item first(and counts as your MS roll) if no one wants for MS goes to OS unlimited rolls but don't be greedy!!! If not needed at all goes to Gbank.

If you have the skills that thrill and are ready to progress among the EPIC ranks, then please in game mail Decisis(GM and MAIN pally Tank) me -->Destroholic(Executive Officer) Bealdan(Raid lead Heals) Darkzeromous(Raid lead DPS & off tank). You can Pst me in game if you see me on toons Destroholic(Main Lock), Tickfawjr(Alt Lock), Tickfawed(Alt Lock), Ticktock(Twink Lock), Ticksbabe(Alt Mage), Tickstotems(Alt Shaman). Thank you and look forward to seeing on the battle field.

Happy Hunting!!!!!!
bump for a group you'd be lucky to be a part of!
Epic is a great bunch to raid with, and Q me love you long time :)
Don't let the name fool you, they are Legen - wait for it

- dary!
Great bunch of peeps.
You guys are the great ones!!!!!!
Bump for the bumps from FFS and PhaseIII
You know this posting been on here for a few weeks now and I would have thought at least 1 person would be chomping at the bits to do heroic DS. I must stink guess I go shower!
I have recently returned from the game from a long break and my raiding team disbanded. I am looking for a solid and consistent raiding guild to raid out the rest of Cata and into MoP.

I am 386 ilvl (a little low I know, but I outperform my gear lvl). I realize some of my gear is missing enchants I will have everythig fully optimized as soon as I find a guild to run with. I am willing to server transfer/faction change.

Raid times are flexible although I prefer during the week and no later than midnight.

If you are interested please add me to real id: supersruzz@hotmail.com
402 ilvl dk tank with 397 dps offspec looking for a guild to raid with the guild im in is changing its raid times so im not going to beable to make raid
Bump Bump BUMP IT UP!!!!
Halon we would love for you to come join the EPIC ranks
BuMP to returning MoP Players!!!
Bump up the jam, bump it up, fell those peeps bumping!
8/8 H DS Alliance bumping!

...and done, or am i forgetting a guild.......
Don't forget to bump yourself

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